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Heading picture

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Spreading the Cheer

Happy Christmas everyone! 
Hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, I know I did and received some lovely goodies from Santa. Today I'm going to take a short 5 mins to show you all the crafty goodies I received from the big man.
These are the lovely card goodies I bought today (I love the sales!!) with Christmas money. These include rub ons, brads, stamps and card kits. All to add to my stash of corse.
Fimo items! As some of you may remember I used fimo during my final project at London and asked my parents for items to continue at home. I received 3 packs of fimo, fimo tools, fimo glue for silver leaf and fimo varnish. I can't wait to get my hands on these! 
Jewellery will always be a part of my creative journey and you all will be seeing more of it soon! The bohemian book was from my sister (a style I will be dabbing into more and more), the hammer and steel block from my boyfriend. New designs coming soon! Watch this space.
And finally some more card making items. These are the ever famous spectrum noir pens by crafters companion. Unfortunately this range is discontinuing but the newer range is just as good. Great for colouring in and shading stamped images. The embossing tool has been on my wanted list for ages! I have to admit, what have I done without it! I tested it earlier and yes it is noisy, but creates beautiful out comes. Below is what I created (excuse the picture lighting, it was getting rather dark!).

I hope you all got everything you wanted from Santa! 
Emma P 

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