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Friday, 27 December 2013

Crafty happenings

Hey all! 
Just a little post today to show you all what I managed to make yesterday. I didn't plan to have a crafty day, however it just happened. I made some beautiful items too.
These were my "using up" tags. I had plain tags and left over Christmas paper so these beauties were made. Hopefully I'll remember to use these next year! 
These are the first pair of earrings I've made using my mallet, steel block and new book. These are gorgeous and I loved making bohemian jewellery! What do you think? 
This is the gorgeous card kit I bought with my Christmas money. For a spare half an hour I thought I'd give this a go. It's a gorgeous card kit for an autumn birthday. To be put away maybe.

Thank you for reading today.
Emma P

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