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Monday, 16 December 2013

Crafty day

Why hello! 
Today was my tidy desk/ craft day and I actually managed to get one and a half of my kits done. I'm rather proud of myself. First I decided to make a kit from my Christmas crafty creatives box (www.craftycreatives.co.uk). It was a lovely lip blam kit and I thought this would be something sticky and icky to make, but it wasn't! The kit included coconut oil (hard form), honey, sugar, pots and labels. Baisically, mix it all together to fill the five pots for a cute handmade gift! I added red food colouring to mine to add a more girly feel, but you could add food flavourings or glitter for a personal touch!
I think these are too cute! My next kit was another from my Christmas box, it was to make two cute felt baulbals. The kit included felt, stuffing, ribbon, thread and buttons. I made one round green baubal and found this sewing kit very therapeutic. I've decided to keep the other for when I stay at my boyfriends. 

More cards coming up Thursday morning everyone! 
Emma P

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