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Heading picture

Monday, 2 December 2013

Gesso backgrounds

Hey all!
I've been trying out new background ideas recently and these two have got to be my favourite! Gesso, the good ol' artists favourite for canvas', who knew it made awesome textured backgrounds.

I followed a tutorial in a magazine to create that background, in which you cut two squares, cover in gesso, press together and pull them apart. It creates a lovely raised texture. Then leave it to dry for a night. 
This is the background textured and painted with water colours. I love how this looks like water! 
This Is the finished card, all stamped and embellished. I love how it came out, so tempted to keep this one for myself! 
This is the second one I made but with inks instead of watercolours. I decided to keep the background the main focus the background. 

One more before I go! 
These are the second and third cards I've made with this design. These are my family's Christmas cards I've decided. Arn't they just glittery!! 

Thank you for reading today! 
Emma P

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