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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A few questions-part 1

Hey everyone! 
Today I decided to do something a little different and answer a few questions about myself so you can all find out about the designer of CraftinEm. Unfortunately I'm a little poorly at the moment so I'll do my best to answer them. Seen as I've had no questions through yet (but still want to give you some idea of who I am), I'm going to answer the interview questions given to designers in a favourite magazine of mine. 
I do hope you enjoy! If you do have a question you want me to answer please pop it along onto my Facebook page (http://Facebook.com/BeautifulBeadsNow) or email me at (Beautifulbeadsnow@gmail.com). I'm hoping to soon change these http addresses to CraftinEm too so it doesn't confuse anyone! So onto the questions. 

Q: How long have you been a crafter for?
A: I've been crafting on and off for about 4 years. I started out in jewellery design and craft, then made my way slowly onto Papercraft after buying a magazine one day. 

Q: Tell us a bit about your design background? 
A: I took a college diploma in Art & Design as a student as I knew I wanted to be in that area but hadn't decided which design path to take. During that time I found I liked Jewellery, hence resulting in opening Beautiful Beads (which has now closed making way for CraftinEm) and taking a diploma in Creative Jewellery Design. I took the course for a year in London travelling down every Tuesday for a day lesson. The course had shown me it was harder to make it in jewellery than people imagined! The rest was history! 

Q: What's your favourite type of project to work on and why?
A: At the moment I like themed work. All my work has a girlie vintage theme to it, however when someone asks for a male fishing card (past commission), I took the challenge and ran with it! This is the finished card..

Q: What sort of materials do you like to work with? 
A: My favourite part of a card/paper item is patterned papers! There are so many different types, colours and patterns! Then my favourite embellishment has got to be flowers. I get through so many on my vintage designs. 

Q: Your top tips for someone starting out with card making? 
A: Always look in the magazines first for ideas! Let alone the ideas are amazing but the free gifts are what can build your stash to the ultimate best! Also if you haven't got a layout idea, search Pinterest (mine is CraftinEm) for sketches. The layouts are perfect, just follow the design and add your own papers and embellishments.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
A: Mostly at the moment it seems to be from the papers themselves, seen as I tend to only buy vintage themed papers anyways. However I also do follow lots of card boards, cottage chic boards and vintage boards on Pinterest and follow vintage groups on Facebook (http://Facebook.com/BeautifulBeadsNow).

Q: What is your favourite card making technique?
A: For my cards themselves it has to be Decopatch! They make such a glamourous layered look in seconds! However I do also like stamping, inking and colouring, but I need to improve on these before I add them to my cards.

That concludes part one everyone! Sorry it was quite long with little pictures! I hope to add more into the next one! 
See you all soon!
Emma P 

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