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Heading picture

Thursday, 6 March 2014

3D works- gift bags

Hey all, 
This is my second post for today! Just another quick one showcasing a little 3D gift bag I made from a papercraft magazine I collect. It goes with a shoe 3D card made by Jenny (http://jfroog.blogspot.co.uk), i will be making the shoe card soon too. However I changed the basics of the design but kept the colour (purple). Here's my git bag.

I don't understand why the lighting gave the bag black edges, but it does show the bag size quite well. It fits a small bag of sweets inside. I already have a recipient in mind for this, a lovely lady who is leaving my work place soon. She will love this. My bag is decorated with gems, flowers, rub one, ribbon and paper. The tag is a personal message to my lovely colleague, very best wishes. 

Pop around soon for more 3D work of mine, I'm enjoying it more and more! 
Emma P

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