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Monday, 3 March 2014

New technique!

Hey everyone!
I decided seen as I was a little ill and busy this last weekend that I would make a few cards today. As of the moment I've only made one so sorry but this post will only have one card! Can you forgive me ;)
 Anyways I've been researching on Pinterest (CraftinEm if you want to follow me) about new techniques  to make my cards 10 times better! Then I found this! First I'll show you my card and then tell you about it!

I found a video and a few card tutorials on how to make coloured and embossed background. So biting the bullet I tried it. First ink your embossing folder (the side which is not raised). Then press your card or paper in your embossing machine/die cutter and watch the magic happen! You will come out with a beautifully coloured and embossed piece of paper. Depending on the colour of ink you decide to use you can create a vintage background or a vibrant background. 

I decided to add lace and a beautiful red flower to make a gorgeous vintage card for when your thinking of someone. 

EDIT: etsy link, 

Will be up on etsy tomorrow everyone!
Emma P 

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