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Heading picture

Monday, 10 February 2014

Exploring other ideas

Hey all! 
As you probably have guessed by now, my box for storing cards is full! See...
(The box is from TheWorks for £6, I think! I have 3 of them for different craft items)
Pretty full I think you would agree! I've decided that just selling/giving to my friends and family is not getting me anywhere at the moment so selling online is my new idea. I've tried folksy before (when I had my jewellery business, it didn't work for me) so etsy is the best next platform to try. I've heard positive things about etsy, do any of my readers sell on etsy? I'd love to know your thoughts. 
Just a card to end my post about my news, I decided to make this last one this morning to relax.
Much loves all!
Emma P

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