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Heading picture

Friday, 29 November 2013

Little card update!

Hey all! 
Seen as I have my final show tonight, I thought I'd do a small post on the recent cards I have made.
This card was made with a kit from the recent papercraft inspirations magazine. I loved the cute theme of the gingerbread kit that I made all 5 designs! 
I love this card! Inspired by the wonderful Nichol Magourik (http://nicholmagouirk.typepad.com), I decided to try out her wonderful method of glitter backgrounds! So easy to do, check out her blog! 
This is the latest card made for a work mate. It's her sons 30th birthday and he LOVES fish. I decided to make this design for her. I love the simplicity of the design and It works so well! 

Thank you for checking out my cards today! 

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