Heading picture

Heading picture

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Progress report!

Hey everyone! 
Sorry I've done it again. I've been so busy playing about with my new items that I haven't given you a progress report. However don't tell me off straight away as I took photos during the making process of my boxes. So here they are.
1) paint boxes bright red- use acrylic. 
2) stipple through a mask of desired design onto boxes. I used a free magazine mask and Sparkle medium from imagination crafts in candy floss and diamond. Beautiful pastes but hell to clean.
3) Then when all is dry, time to decorate. These lovely boxes are for some gorgeous girls of mine, so out came the flowers, butterflies and ribbons. I used silicon glue as this holds longer. 
Of corse when they are all dry, I'll pop the lids on and take a nice photo outside for you all. Popped on newspaper doesn't stand out very well! 

Also in my progress report is how my commission is going on. I recently got a commission for 150 wedding invitations in an ivory and claret red design. We figured the design out together and worked out a cost. Now is the making part! I've received the card and ribbon but waiting on the sliders at the moment. Last night I spent the evening cutting the ribbon to 20cm each. 150 of them! Today will be cutting the card to size once I have bought a gulliotine (it will be a life saver).

Have a lovely day everyone! 
Emma P 

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